martes, 27 de enero de 2015

ArtRooms2015 - London

      Last weekend, from 23rd to 26th January, ArtRooms 2015, the first edition of an innovative International Contemporary Art Fair, was celebrated in London, in the first floor of the Meliá White House.

#Time: 42nd St. NY ©2013

ArtRooms 182 - London

Sketch from #Time: 42nd St. NY

    ArtRooms 2015 is an initiative from the director Cristina Cellini Antonini. She wanted to create an event to put artists at the heart of the art international scene in a “non-conventional” exhibition space. The result is ArtRooms, an International Art Fair in Melia White House London. During four days it was possible to discover more than 100 artists in an original space where they can create their own environment and visitors a real art experience.

#Time at room 182 during ArtRooms2015

Melia White House - London

Oberbauuckembr - Berlín - 2011

©2011. Susanalf
Artículo en MAKMA

The Cult House, 

A selection of their finest artists in the junior suite.

 Gaspare Manos curated by Miguel Mallol

Room 148

Rotten Iron by Lorenzo Belenguer.Room 104

Lorenzo is also member of the ArtRooms 2015 Arts Advisory Board.

#Time: Putney. 

Our merchandising room and

Las Chaponas de Confitería Biarritz


miércoles, 7 de enero de 2015

J´aime le lundi

#J´aime le lundi.

San Silvestre, 2014.

Gijón - Asturias -.

A new year has just begun and new edition of #J´aime le lundi as well. After some weeks thinking about what to do I decide to continue another year with the project, but I am going to introduce some changes in order to keep it attractive. 
From 5th January 2015 #J´aime le lundi will change its name for J´aime le #lundi.
Since 5th January, all pictures from J´aime le #lundi are available for sale. Its format is postcard size (10 x 15 cm). You can get them through my email, my website or my blog. Each postcards is 4€.
During this year 2015, I will only publish two days per month, the first and the third Monday of each month. 

J´aime le #lundi. ©2014. Susanalf

SS.MM los Reyes Magos. Buy it.

L’année touche à sa fin et avec elle #J´aime le lundi. Après mûre réflexion, trover des alternatives et de parler à plusieurs personnes, que j’ai décidé de continuer une autre année avec le projet, dans le but de vous levez avez un sourire chaque lundi. Cependant, il y a quelques modifications à #J’aime le lundi, pour qu’il ne soit pas si répétitif, de continuer à attirer l’intérêt et chaque spectateur attendre l’arrivée de lundi à découvrir une nouvelle photo.

#J’aime le lundi est appelée à partir 5 Janvier 2015 J’aime le #lundi.

Début 5 Janvier, toutes les photos seront vendus au format carte-postale (10 x 15 cm) et à travers mon email, web ou blog. Le prix de chaque image est de 4 €.

Je vais poster seulement deux lundis par mois, le premier et le troisième.

©2015. Susanalf.

1ª. imagen del año.

El año llega a su fin y con él, #J´aime le lundi. Después de darle muchas vueltas, buscar alternativas y consultarlo con varias personas he decidido continuar otro año con el proyecto, con el objetivo de conseguir que os levantéis con una sonrisa cada lunes. No obstante hay varias modificaciones para que #J´aime le lundi no sea muy repetitivo, para que siga despertando interés y haga desear a cada espectador que llegué el lunes para descubrir una nueva foto.
1.- #J´aime le lundi se llamará a partir del 5 de enero de 2015, J´aime le #lundi.
2.- A partir del 5 de enero todas las fotos estarán a la venta, en tamaño postal (10 x 15 cm.) y a través de mi email, web o blog. El precio cada imagen será de 4 €.

3.- Publicaré sólo dos lunes al mes, el primero y el tercero.

©2014. Susanalf

Atrapando la luz.

lunes, 22 de diciembre de 2014

Del Mar Para Ti, de #Curio.sea.ty

   Dicen que cuando naces al lado del mar estableces una relación especial con el gigante azul, es difícil estar mucho tiempo lejos de él, necesitas tenerlo cerca, olerlo, etc. El mar es como el corazón que late para mantenernos con vida. Cuando leí la convocatoria #DelMarParaTi de Poca Gallery, decidí participar porque me sentí identificada con el proyecto.

Galería Poca.

C/ de Abatxolo, 5, 48920 Portugalete, Vizcaya

  #DelMarParati es una iniciativa de Lorna Barrowclough and Hondartza Fraga que explora la relación de los humanos con el mar. 

#DelMarParaTi forma parte del proyecto Curio•sea•ty, las artistas Lorna Barrowlough y Hondartza Fraga abrieron una convocatoria para que los artistas contribuyeran con una o más imágenes que expresaran su relación con el mar. La convocatoria, que recibió una cálida acogida entre 134 artistas, culminó en una exposición en la Galería Poca, Portugalete - Vizcaya -, que se inauguró el pasado viernes 19 de diciembre. 

   "La intención de esta exposición es mostrar la relación ecléctica y kaleidoscópica que existe entre el arte y el mar, por lo que han decidido incluir en la exposición a todos los artistas que respondieron".

   Last Friday, 19th December, the first exhibition of From Sea To You/ Del Mar para Ti opened at Poca Gallery, (Portugalete, Vizcaya).

©2014. Susanalf.

From Sea To You is an art project and exhibition that explores human relationships with the sea by artists Lorna Barrowclough and Hondartza Fraga.

My contribution to #FromSeaToYou.

©2014. Susanalf.

Curio•sea•ty will explore human relationships with the sea, using objects that help shape our experience of it as a starting point. The notions of the sea’s identity, distance, survival and physicality of the sea will be used as the framework on which to question common associations with the sea and its role in cultural imagination.

Poca Gallery, 

Portugalete, Vizcaya.

domingo, 14 de diciembre de 2014

Busy days before the end of the year.

  There are some events before the end of the year.

 En Portugalete, Vizcaya, en la galería Poca, se inaugura el viernes 19 de diciembre “Del Mar para ti, más de 130 imágenes de artistas nacionales e internacionales que exploran nuestra relación con el mar. Un proyecto comisariato por Lorna Barrowlough y Hondartza Fraga.

Del Mar para ti.

©2014. Susanalf

   Northaptom; England. Gallery 202, an exhibition about the theme “Stack” curated by Sharon Read and Bethany Murray. Untill, 31st December, 2014

Stack by Gallery 202
#Statck: Life and death.

©2014. Susanalf

   If you are in Pune (India) you can discover the Best art from London in LetArtWork Gallery. A group show curated by Rekha Sameer that reflects about GOD.

©2014. Susanalf

#Territorios_London: Brick _ Lane. 

Limited edition for GOD show in Pune.

Buy your copy. 

domingo, 7 de diciembre de 2014

GOD Show, Pune (India) 2014


Curated by Rekha Sameer.

Pune (India) 2014

from 14th to 21st, December, 2014.

   As a child growing up in a lower middle class brahmin family, the only way to assure oneself of a good afterlife was to engage in rituals and religious practices that celebrated the unique attributes of the 333 million gods in the hindu pantheon. Living and traveling in the United Kingdom and Europe, the past 25 years have been an introduction to alternative religious practices, icons and diverse representations of ‘GOD’. Presented with so many alternative approaches, it can result in a disconnect, a sense of floating around rudderless. This is the beginning point for this show. This show is a platform to generate dialogue and find out current interpretations on the concept of ‘GOD’. It is refreshing to encounter Joseph Turnbull’s challenge for the show So I will try and post the artwork to India without a stamp and see if it gets there with the help of GOD. If it arrives GOD is real, if it doesn't arrive GOD is not real”. 

The best art from London.

by Lorenzo Belenguer

"Jesus' Last Supper as a Human Being"
Media: Oils on metal on paper

Why International?

   Religion and GOD are subjects that can create strong volatile emotions in people. We know artists in India, who have previously taken creative license in their depiction of gods and goddesses, have been lynched publicly and forced to flee the country. It is therefore no surprise that this pressure and expectation from society has led to a rise in ‘safe’ art. Art that doesn’t question and challenge tends to lose its edgy role, that of unsettling apathy in current attitudes. The West offers an open culture where artists can challenge, question and mock current practices and create a rich platform for critical dialogue and encourage new perspectives into current attitudes and thinking.

   I hope the artworks in this show will go beyond its aesthetic and commercial value and instead transfer this questioning attitude into the viewer. 
By Rekha Sameer.

Why Pune?

Pune is a bustling metropolis and is characterised typically by a villager in his dhoti and Nehru cap, bare feet passing through busy wifi zones , students with their headphones, mobiles and rucksacks, the elderly strolling to temples and ashram and foreigners walking purposefully to the yoga centers dotted around Pune. In a city and in a country where religion occupies a significant role in the everyday lives of the people, having an art exhibition showing responses from different parts of the western world on GOD could bring a refreshing change into the existing rhythm.
By Rekha Sameer.

Rekha Sameer, UK
Medium: Plaster, 18x10cm, 

Steve Perfect, UK
From the Darkness, Light (2014) 

Acrylic on board, 30x22 cm

Whatever your race, skin color, nationality or circumstances, God does not make
difference, whatever your religion there is always a reason to believe.

#Territorios_London: Brick_Lane. 2014
Digital collage on canvas paper with gold paper.
Limited special edition for GOD Show 2014

jueves, 27 de noviembre de 2014

Black Friday, 2014.

©2008. Susanalf. New York.

Cantonese duck.

   To celebrate Thanksgiving day and Black Friday I would like to share with you some pictures I took some years ago in New York.

    I would like also to introduce these new images that belong to #Territorios_London. This year on Black Friday buy art.

#Territorios_London. Brick_Lane. 2014

Digital collage on canvas paper with golden paper.

61 x 29 cm. Limited edition of 1. 

Buy it.

#Territorios_London. Chinatown. 2013

Digital collage on canvas paper with golden paper.

58 x 36 cm. Limited edition of 1.

©2008. Susanalf. NY

Remember next week is the XMAS POP UP SHOW at Brick. Come and visit us at Brick Lane on Friday, 28th November, 3.00 - 8.00 p.m.
Saturday, 29th November, 3.00 - 8.00 p.m.

93 Freet East Bar & Club
150 Brick Lane, 
The Old Truman Brewery, 
E1 6QL London

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