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#Territorios meets #Time

#Territorios meets #Time

Special limited edition of 5 for @TheOtherArtFair, 2014.

Get your copy: The Other Art Fair

The Other Art Fair
16th - 19th October, 2014
Old Truman Brewery 
Brick Lane
E1 6QL - London

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Some days ago Naiara Valdano from Art_Gossips contacted me for an interview I would like to share today with you. You can find the original one in her blog Art_Gossips.

Thanks Naiara.

Nowadays you are living in London, Why do you emigrate and why do you decide to live in London?.

There is not an only reason, there are various reasons and their results. Although I have spent a lot of time in Spain, so I do not considerer myself as an emigrant.

Talking about your work, What artists and elements inspire you?

The City and the buildings and the stories behind them, why someone built them? when?. How they look like years ago? Routine, daily life, light and the sea.
Goya, El Veronés, Tizian, Chinise art and classic architecture. Nowadays I am working with Turner, Constable and “Land art” artists.

I like your project #SinPrisas What did you want to talk with this project?.

#SinPrisas: 15, agosto, 2011.

©Susanalf. 2011

#SinPrisas is a critique of bad education. This work started one evening in December, when somebody who was in a hurry spilt her coffee over me and ran away without an apology.  I got really angry. She reminded me of The White Rabbit in Alice in Wonderland. From that moment, I started thinking about that and to observe people and I realized that we are not present in our lives and then wonder why we are never happy. We live immersed in a life dynamic where we only think about the future and we often forget about the present. For a long time I have been listening to people talking about what they are going to do on their holiday, what they are going to do next Friday after work, what they are going to do when they have a better job...

    I also like your project #LastCall, a blog where we can find the pictures you took in airports. How did it start?
#LastCall. @Susanalf.2011

  #Lastcall is an online diary that shows us every airport where maybe some day ago we were waiting our flight. #LastCall, is a personal project as well as an open project which was born as a reflection of many hours spent at airports waiting to fly out. I reflect about the use of the new public spaces, to analyze by photo language how limits between public and private space disappear in an airport terminal.

An airport is a tract of levelland where aircrafts land and take off, usually equipped with hard-surfaced landing strips, a control tower, hangars and refueling facilities, as well as accommodations for passengers and cargo. Airports are public and busy spaces, they are the most complex and dynamics station owing to the importance of the air traffic in our times.

But an airport is much more than that. An airport is a conglomeration of all cultures, it is a place of floating bodies of people in limbo, a place where everyone is waiting to be somewhere else, it is a place of contradictions. It is a so called “No-Land”, where dead time seems constantly present. An airport is the ultimate waiting room. And yet, it is a center of contemporary culture, a place where identity is scrutinized thoroughly, and also shed like a snakeskin. We become anonymous and homogeneous.

Nowdays most of the airports are big terminals where we can do a lot of things instead of flying in or out of. Airports are not only a station for passengers, with most of them being amazing architectural buildings, they are a new kind of building, something in between a station and a mall. Like big cities outside a normal city. The first and last view of such city, area, or country. Airports are places where people from everywhere can meet.

This year you are participating in The Other Art Fair, Why did you decide to participate in this event?.

One year ago I had a pair to tickets for visiting The Other Art Fair. I really liked what I saw there so I applied for the next edition. I took part for first time in April in Marylebone. This is going to be my second time in The Other Art Fair, but I feel more nervous than six months ago.

 You are going to present your work #Time. What does it talk about?.

#Time: Spitalfields. 


#Time continues talking about the same idea I talked in #SinPrisas, we live too fast. #Time is a self portrait that talks about the speed of time. #Time is a wish to make it stand for a while in the present days.
We spent a lot of time thinking about the past and planning the future and we forget to live the present and when we realize it the present has been past.

What are you plans within the following months?.


These days we are working on #Postcards from London to Cardiff. It is the second part of a project I started last year #Postcards from North of Spain. The project has the same spirit that #SinPrisas and #Time, life in present without rush.

#Postcards from Northern Spain is a diary from a trip without the rush to our destination, in which the path becomes the star. The first part was in Spain, from Aragon to Galicia and now it is going to take part in United Kingdom, by train from London to Cardiff.

Later, from 1st to 25th December, through twitter (@caracolll) you can discover #AdventCalendar. And some things more after Christmas.

About to finish, could you suggest us some photographers?
Charlotte Mary Rose, Wai Kit Lam and Yasmina Pérez. Visit: James Thurgood, Tili de Arizmendi, Reissue Korea or Cody Choi, if you go to The Other Art Fair. I am also rediscovering Gerhard Richter.

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#Time, the speed of time.

#Time: Spitalfields

Find it at The Other Art Fair

#Time, Susana´s newest work is a self portrait that talks about the speed of time. #Time is a wish to make it stand for a while in the present days.

We spent a lot of time thinking about the past and planning the future and we forget to live the present and when we realize it the present has been past.

The beginning of #Time, some years ago. (2010)

I would like to stop the time for a while, even if it would be one minute; I would like to travel to the past . . . 

The Other Art Fair

“Se la vitta fosse un gioco, in alcuni momenti sarebbe giusto sospenderlo, como quando durante una partita di calcio uno si fa male e l´arbitro fischia e ferma la partita. Bisognerebbe fermarsi per capire la gravità dell´incidente, capire se il giocatore è in grado di continuare. Invece la vita va avanti, il tempo non si ferma mai, senza tregua, e quando ti fai male devi continuare a giocare comunque, anche se zoppichi la partita continua. È questa la fregatura”. 
Fabio Volo. La strada verso casa. - Page: 212 -

“If life was a game, it would be possible to stop it for a while, like in football. It would be possible to escape to discover the importance of the facts. But life does not stop, time goes on, do not give you a moment for a rest.”

In each picture that belongs to #Time I talk about the permanence of objects and the mobility of life.

#Time: King´s road. 2014.

I work with several layers to reflect what happens around us, to show you what you are losing when you are not living the present conscientiously.


#Time, March, 2014.

Each picture is an invitation to think about a life, we live too fast, we forget to enjoy the present and suddenly this present becomes to past and it is impossible to recover it. Each picture is an invitation to enjoy the world around each day, perhaps the future never arrives.

I would like to invite you to come to The Other Art Fair from 16th to 19th October, that returns East to take its home at Brick Lane’s iconic Old Truman Brewery. Come and join us, I am going to stay at stand nº. 

       You also can discover other body of works: #Almanaque, #Territorios, #Postcards and #Nuvole.

        Also, during four days, you can taste “Las Chaponas”, a creation by Biarritz sweet shop from Gijon (SPAIN).
The Other Art Fair
Old Truman Brewery
91 Brick Lane
London E1 6QL

Preview: Thursday, 16th October
17th - 18 th October 11.00 - 19.00 h
19th October             11.00 - 18.00 h

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Las Chaponas de Gijón.

Sombras de luz de Fernando Alba.

también conocida como "Las Chaponas".

      En el mayan de tierra (paseo del muro), entre la escalera 18 y la 19 se encuentra la escultura de Fernando Alba “Sombras de luz”

Fernando Alba, La Folguerosa (Asturias)

Fotografía de ©Mario Rojas

Esta obra, que se inauguro en 1998, consta de cuatro planchas verticales orientadas a cada uno de los cuatro puntos cardinales.

“Mirando las luces y las sombras a través de los ojos de Fernando Alba, autor de la obra “Sombras de luz”, me vino la inspiración para estos dulces que te intentan transportar a otros sabores igual que la luz se filtra de forma diferente en las chaponas de Fernando Alba

"Las Chaponas" de Rosa.

Con estas palabras define Rosa Vilchez su manjar de chocolate que se inspira en las planchas del paseo marítimo de Gijón. 

Si vienes a visitar The Other Art Fair entre el 16 y el 19 de octubre en Brick Lane, podrás descubrir el sabor de Las Chaponas de Gijón, un manjar de chocolate, creación de la confitería Biarritz que se inspira en la escultura.

Corrían los años 70 cuando Francisco Vílchez y su mujer, Juana Rodríguez, abrieron un negocio en frente de la playa San Lorenzo (Gijón). La formación como ayudante de pastelero en Granada de Francisco, garantizó el éxito de la confitería Biarritz que en el año 1979 heredó su hija Rosa. Hoy, en 2014, acompañada de su marido Gerardo, sigue al frente del negocio.

Confitería Biarritz - Gijón

C/ Caridad, 8 - 33202  

Entre los churros, los bocadillos de tortilla de chorizo o las palmeras de chocolate destacan Las Chaponas, unas galletas cubiertas de chocolate con las que Rosa rinde homenaje a la escultura de Fernando Alba “Sombras de Luz”. 

Tras casi dos años de trabajo, en la primavera de 2013, se presentaron “Las chaponas” en tres sabores: naranja amarga, manzana y la clásica o de mantequilla. Un año después se dio a conocer la cuarta chapa, la de avellana, mi favorita.

In the promenade of Gijón, you can find a sculpture by Fernando Alba, “Sombras de luz”, called informal as “Las Chaponas”:

Sombras de Luz by Fernando Alba,

"Las Chaponas" - Gijón (SPAIN)
Fernando Alba, the sculptor.

©Mario Rojas.

This sculpture was inaugurated in 1998 and it consists of four vertical sheet that are oriented to the four cardinal points.

“When I was looking the lights and shadow through Fernando Alba´eyes, I felt inspirited to bake this sweets that try to help you to travel to other taste as the same way the light change in each Fernando´s sheet”.

These are the words that Rosa Vilchez use to describe her chocolate exquisite inspirited by promenade´s sheet.

The Other Art Fair

If you came to visit The Other Art Fair between next 16th and 19th October in Brick Lane (London), you can taste Las Chaponas, a creation by Biarritz sweet shop.

Some years ago, Francisco Vílchez and her wife, Juana Rodríguez, opened a sweet business in front of the beach of Gijón, San Lorenzo. Some years later, in 1979 her daughter Rosa inherited the sweet shop that in nowadays manages with her husband, Gerardo.

Biarritz sweet shop.

C/ Caridad, nº 8 -  33202 - Gijón (SPAIN)

If you visit “El Biarritz” you will have the chance to eat some churros, some “tortilla de chorizo” o Las Chaponas, a biscuit cover by chocolate. With this sweet Rosa pays homage to “Sombras de Luz” by Fernando Alba.

Ater two years working, in Spring 2013, Rosa introduced to public her latest creation “Las Chaponas”, that you can choose to taste them in orange, apple or butter. One year later, last Spring, hazelnut was added too.

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#Postcards from North of Spain. ©2014. www.susanalf.es

It is a long time since I have a dream, #Postcards: a trip by car through Europe. From Spain to Moscow through the North of Europe: France, German, Poland, etc and drive back by south: Roumania, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Greece, Italy, again France. Drive for months and discover Europe´s landscapes and history.
     Meanwhile, since one year ago I am working on #Postcards from North of Spain, a nostalgic diary which talks about memory, time and landscapes from a trip without the rush to our destination, in which path becomes the star. #Postcards was born by the observation of landscapes that were passing front of my eyes when I was driving, in a hurry towards my destination.

Follow me:Crow4art

These days, after some weeks working and thanks to crow4art, second part is about to start: #Postcards from England and Wales. I only need some help from you. Simple! Register at https://crowd4art.com/en/Account/Register and click FOLLOW at the following link: https://crowd4art.com/en/Asset/Details/39 . It is free!!!!. Thanks in advance.

#Postcards is a trip by train from London to Cardiff with stops in the most emblematic places in the South coast. The intention of this easy-going trip is to discover the landscapes from South of England and Wales.

Having as a reference Turner and Constable work painting, my aim is produce a serie of fifteen pictures that shows the landscapes of The United Kingdom South coast.

The chosen route pass through Hastings, Portsmouth, Stonehenge, Salisbury, Cardiff, among other places and it has also intended to discover the sometimes unknown history of this Island.

#Postcards: A - 2208 

©2014. www.susanalf.es

Hace años que tengo un proyecto, un sueño en mente, #Postcards: un viaje en coche por Europa. Desde España hasta Moscú; viaje de ida por el norte de Europa: Francia, Alemania, Polonia, etc. y la vuelta por el sur: Rumania, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Grecia, Italia, Francia, otra vez. Conducir durante meses y recorrer toda la historia y los paisajes de nuestro continente.
Mientras llega ese día, hace un año que comenzó #Postales desde el norte de España, un proyecto que se inspira en el trazado del camino de Santiago y recorre las carreteras nacionales para capturar la belleza de nuestros paisajes.

Tras varias semanas de trabajo y gracias a la ayuda de Crow4art está a punto de empezar la segunda parte del proyecto: #Postales desde Inglaterra y Gales. Para poner en marcha esta segunda parte, necesito un pequeño apoyo. 

Vótame: Crow4art

   Tras varias semanas de trabajo y gracias a la ayuda de Crow4art está a punto de empezar la segunda parte del proyecto: #Postales desde Inglaterra y Gales. Para poner en marcha esta segunda parte, necesito una pequeña ayuda. Regístrate en https://crowd4art.com/en/Account/Register y  clics FOLLOW en el siguiente link: https://crowd4art.com/en/Asset/Details/39 ¡Es gratis!.

#Postcards es un viaje en tren desde Londres a Cardiff con paradas en los lugares más emblemáticos de la costa. La intención de este viaje "sin prisas" es descubrir los paisajes del sur de Inglaterra y Gales.

        Tomando como referencia la obra de Turner y Constable, mi intención es realizar una serie de 15 fotografías que ilustren los paisajes de la costa sur del Reino Unido.

        El recorrido escogido que pasa por Hastings, Portsmouth, Stonehenge, Salisbury, Cardiff, entre otros lugares pretende también descubrir la historia, a veces desconocida, de la isla.

#Postcards: Huesca.
©2014. www.susanalf.es

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      #Postcards from Northern Spain is a nostalgic diary which talks about memory, time and landscapes from a trip without the rush to our destination, in which the path becomes the star. #Postcards was born by the observation of landscapes that were passing front of my eyes when I was driving, in a hurry towards my destination.

   It introduces fifteen images. The project is called #Postcards because all images are in a small size, like a postcard. Each picture shows those landscapes I have discovered during this trip. The name of each picture came from the country road where I stopped each time.

#Postcards from North of Spain. ©Susanalf. 2014

       During August I worked hard in order to have all the work for the next edition of The Other Art Fair ready. It will take place in Brick Lane’s iconic Old Truman Brewery, from 16th to 19th, October, 2014. You can discover more about production, stage and packing before the fair in Facebook. 

Advent calendar. ©susanalf. 2014 

       A new calendar, edition 2015, has already arrived and it is ready: a limited edition of forty units in four sizes: postcards, A5, A4 and ten copies in a free formant.

For more information and to book or/and buy your copy contact: susanalopez.fernandez@gmail.com

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Summer days at Debut Contemporary.

Eyes to eyes by Marialaura Matthey.

Summer is a time for parties, meet friends and spend time outside. Summer is also time for art, so last 6th of August we celebrated the Annual Debut Summer exhibition at 82 Westbourne Grove, Notting Hill. In this special Summer edition we listened music by DJ Rythmdoctor, we have a new opportunity to discover a performance by Maria Laura Matthey as well as the work of other Debut artists: Lorenzo BelenguerChrystalMarina Ard, among many more. We finished the night at Mahiki in Mayfair. Read more about here: Debut - Summer - 2014.

Discover more about Summer exhibition at Tatler.

I also would lit to share some pictures from June Debut preview and another performance by Laura Matthey: Come and close your eyes in a frame. A rare spectacle.

Laura´s desk table.